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Eyes/taiz nazar Tip

Eyes/taiz nazar Tip Mishri (candy sugar) saunf (fennel seeds) or maghzdania 3tino humwazan len, un ko powder bana kar ghar mein rakhen. aadhi chamch subho aadhi chamach shaam khany k baad 3/4 mah istimaal karen Nazar Taiz tareen ho jay gi.

Dull’ lifeless & bloodshot eyes

Dull’ lifeless & bloodshot eyes r the result of many factors, illness fatigue, inadequate diet & dryness. The whites appear pinkish or greenish yellow at times due to lack of sleep, too much alcohol or a weak liver.

Beauty Tips for care your beautiful Eyes

Beauty Tips for care your beautiful Eyes Get all the answers for every question about dark circle under the eyes. Eye wash is the most important thing one should go for. U should wash ur eyes at a regular interval of time. U should sprinkle cold water in ur eyes